Ian Griffiths Sports Podiatry
Foot, Ankle and Lower Limb Injury Specialist

Podiatry Assessment

The majority of a Sports Podiatrists’ case-load tends to be sports persons with more chronic long term problems of insidious onset. Care is taken to try and identify the injured structure, assess the pathological forces acting upon it and then aim to reduce them to sub-clinical levels. This approach encompasses the application of the laws of Newtonian Physics to the lower limb and foot, and is referred to as the ‘Tissue Stress Theory’.

However on occasion a sports person can also end up in the Podiatrists office following an acute injury – usually referred by a Physiotherapist or Consultant as their rehabilitation following their injury (or possibly following surgery) is not going as planned and a more in depth assessment and opinion on lower limb structure and function is required.

Podiatry input may involve biomechanical assessment, footwear advice and/or the provision of functional foot orthoses.