Ian Griffiths Sports Podiatry
Foot, Ankle and Lower Limb Injury Specialist


For clinic specific queries (including consultation costs and availability) please contact the appropriate location:

Pure Sports Medicine
Canary Wharf, London
Tel: 08447 700 800

Bupa Health Centre
City of London
Tel: 020 7200 2700

Contact Ian

Sportsmen and women alike may want some free advice on a current injury or ongoing issue before considering seeing a professional, or maybe just some guidance on the most appropriate health professional to consult.

It should be appreciated that being given an accurate diagnosis and management plan is not possible over e-mail. Whilst the best will be done to advise you given the information supplied, for legal reasons please do use this as advice only, and do not substitute it for a full assessment of your injury with an appropriate specialist (only this way will you receive a confirmed diagnosis and relevant rehabilitation programme).

Alternatively if you would like more information regarding any aspect of booking an appointment to see Ian or what a consultation may involve please feel free to submit questions and queries here.

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