Ian Griffiths Sports Podiatry
Foot, Ankle and Lower Limb Injury Specialist

Podiatry Services and Locations

Ian is available for private consultations in the City of of London, Canary Wharf and Dublin.  Anyone is able to arrange a consultation themselves, or alternatively be referred by another health professional such as their GP, Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Consultant.

Ian provides a range of services including assessment of foot structure and function, video gait analysis, footwear evaluations and the provision of functional foot orthoses.  He can also perform paediatric (child) assessments, and offer more specialist devices as necessary (such as night splints, ankle foot orthoses or semi-weightbearing/Aircast boots).

Ian is also happy to perform assessments and offer Podiatric opinions on amateur/professional sportsmen and women (or whole sports teams) on an ad-hoc or consultancy basis.  He is happy to visit teams at their training grounds and liaise with the on site medial teams.  Additionally Ian is able to write content for relevant websites and/or magazines.  To discuss any of this further with Ian please contact him via e-mail: ian@sportspodiatryinfo.co.uk

For consultation prices (if self paying) and appointment availability please ring the clinic you wish to be seen at and they will give you all the information you require.  Alternatively to ask Ian any specific questions please contact him here.